Sunday 22 December 2013

DECEMBER 22 2013: Memories

DECEMBER 22 2013: Memories

Colin Wyatt

A Christmas Past

Glass of Milk and a Minced Pie

Mum and Dad had very little, but they still made Christmas special for my brother and I when we were young. They were happy times.
             Except for one year …
We knew, by then, there was no Santa, and our presents were hidden in a locked wardrobe.  My brother told my parents he had seen me find the key and open the wardrobe. It was totally untrue, and I was unfairly reprimanded. I think he was getting even for the time I buried his favourite toy in the garden.
That was a Christmas past.

It's why I prefer a Christmas present.

About the Author
Colin Wyatt is best known for his children’s books and his children’s stories. He co-created the Poddington Peas made into a BBC TV series and has worked on a variety of publications over the year including being Art Editor for 2000 AD. But most of his work has been as an artist for Disney. One of his latest projects is a series of children’s picture books to raise funds and awareness for the Born Free Foundation with his stories and illustrations for The Jet-Set.
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