Friday 20 September 2013

100 Worder The Bookseller

100 Worder

Susan Eames

The Bookseller

Bloody Mary

'What happened to your hands, buddy? What's your story?'
The bookseller's eyes flickered.
'Landmine was it? Tell me your story.'
'I can help you tell the world.'
'When Khmer Rouge start killing, world close eyes.'
'They tried to kill you?'
The bookseller frowned. 'You with your questions and well-fed stomach. Pocketful of dollars. You want to help? You too late. World too late. Family all gone in Killing Fields. I don't want your help.' He held out arms which ended in ruined purple stumps. 'I lose my family; my hands. But listen: I not broken! That my story, buddy.'

About the author
Susan Eames left England over twenty years ago to explore the world and dive its oceans. She has had travel articles and short fiction published on three continents. Until recently, Susan lived in Fiji, but is currently exploring new possibilities.


  1. A very moving piece. My daughter has just returned from Cambodia and told me stories like this, which made it all the more poignant for me.

  2. Ouch! That's a powerful story in very few words.

  3. Wow - what a story and thank you for bringing it to us in such an effective way.

  4. Even when we do know most of the facts we can't really understand what it's like.

  5. Impossible to imagine the pain and damage inflicted on this man's life.

  6. No wonder talking to him was unforgettable/

  7. It's hard to know how to react to this man's life and the myriad atrocities of the past. The World will always be too late for some, but I hope we will someday learn.