Thursday 5 September 2013

100 Worder The Orange Fields of Tix

100 Worder

David Hook

The Orange Fields of Tix

Jasmine Green Tea

I lay in orange grass watching our sister planet Tiux rise above the horizon, its icy ring system glowing pale pink. Our twin moons high in the sky, one full the other a crescent; their glow ethereal through a veil of cloud.
The combination of the three always spellbinding, however, tonight my attention is drawn further afield – beyond our solar system and into the depths of the cosmos.
I lay here and wonder if we are alone in this universe or is someone, somewhere, out there looking up at the stars and asking that same question? Surely there must be?

About the author

David Hook lives on the very edge of Epping Forest. He hasn’t written much for many years, having a crippling fear of grammar and punctuation, but a friend encouraged him to submit something after having one of her own pieces shown on CafeLit.

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