Tuesday 24 September 2013

100 Worder If Only

100 Worder
Brian Lux

If Only

Irish Coffee

I’ve served this mansion for generations, and am still an object of appreciation, carefully polished so the lustre of my carefully matched wood glows.
      If only I could speak, what revelations could be revealed to the guests arranged round my perfect oval form. I listen to new conversations as another dinner party is in progress, but I can see as well as hear.
      Two arms surreptitiously descend and hands briefly link in an exchange of affection. Two legs slowly extend and feet entwine in a silent dance of passion.
      If only I could speak, because those two legs are male.

About the author
Brian Lux, well past the first flush of youth, realised a dream when Court of Foxes (8-12 years) was published in 2008, by Discovered Authors. He has written short stories in several genres with varying success, but gets his kicks from school workshops. He is the treasurer of Llandudno Writers, and leads a creative writing group for U3A

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