Tuesday 3 September 2013

100 Worder Cold Heart

100 Worder

Helen Laycock

Cold Heart

A puddle of milky tea

'Mrs Radley, you really should open your windows more often. Look at the flies.'
            I opened a window.
             'And get some air freshener. It smells so—'    
            My face contorted.
            'You'd feel a lot less lonely if you made a bit more conversation. Sometimes I feel as though I'm talking to myself.'
 I flicked the duster along the back of Mrs Radley's chair.
            Specks settled on her soft white hair. I swiped along the arm and around her mottled hand.
            Mrs Radley was grinning at me. Her dentures were on her chest and a bluebottle was regurgitating on her left eyeball.

About the author

Helen Laycock has written nine books for children as well as having put together two compilations of short stories and a collection of humorous poetry for adults. In addition, she has work included in an anthology produced by her online writing group.

Several further pieces are due to be included in forthcoming publications as a result of competition success.

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