Monday 23 September 2013

100 Worder Hot Air

100 Worder
Patsy Collins
Hot Air
Take away coffee

Ah! That’s good. I needed this cigarette. Had to work for it mind, struggling down all them stairs; it’ll be worse going up again. 'Course smokers must go outside even if, like now, it’s raining. There's no consideration.

All the fuss is just a lot of hot air. Forty a day have done me no harm. Nor Sonia. Having a lightweight baby actually made things better for her.

Shall I have another ciggie? I think I’ve got time. No, the disapproving nurse is calling me. Way people carry on you’d think I was to blame for my son’s chronic asthma.

About the author

Patsy Collins is a regular contributor to CaféLit and has been featured in The Best of annual. She has had several books published including novels and a collection of Patsy's short stories is available as an ebook here and at special low price: LINK


  1. Oh I would love to show this to someone I know...been smoking since 14 now 80 odd and in denial. Loved it, well done.