Wednesday 4 September 2013

100 Worder Windows to the Soul

100 Worder
Steven Chapman

Windows to the Soul

A Hemingway Champagne

When people ask me about the day we met, I always mention her eyes.
            They were the reason I introduced myself to her in the first place. Azure coloured with flecks of gold. I couldn’t look away as we spent the night talking and laughing.
            Now here we are sixty years later, her eyes as beautiful as ever; the only part of her that hasn’t rotted away.           
            She’s looking at me now, speaking volumes with those eyes.
            I take a pillow from the hospital bed and lower it towards her face.

A tear spills from those beautiful azure coloured gems.

About the Author

Steven Chapman is a horror and thriller author, who has been abusing the English language since 1984. He enjoys nothing more than a good blood-curdling tale and spends far too much of his time reading, watching or writing horror. Most days he just sits inside polishing his chainsaw and praying for the Zombocalypse. For more information on Steven, and his work, please visit

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