Monday 8 July 2013

Dream A Little Dream

Jo Fino
Dream A Little Dream
Sumatra coffee

You look sideways over to his table. He hasn’t touched his coffee. It lies still, black, no longer steaming. Not like him.
             He drums his long black fingers on the table and you think how they would bring your neglected skin to life, raise your dejected nipples. He picks up the pen, taps it on the table, runs his thumb along the length of it and you feel the shivering shrug on your shoulder blades as you imagine that thumb massaging them.
He puts the pen down again, turns back the page and bends into the closely written words.You envy them his attention, the whisper of his hot breath against them. It’s a long time since anyone bent into you and examined you in any degree. Now he leans back in his chair, sighs and loosens his tie.You crane your neck for a glimpse of flesh.You know his chest will be smooth, shining with taut muscle. He reaches for the cup, easily cradling the white china in his palm. How you envy that cup. He takes a sip, dark lips pouting as they savour the blend, his tongue sweeping a lingering drop from his lips.You close your eyes and imagine the light flick of his tongue unshrivelling your belly; you quiver as his lips smooth your wrinkled thighs.Then you feel the flush.
Oh God. Not now. You open your eyes. His chair is abandoned. You don’t look to the door.You don’t want to see him leave. A pallid moist palm enfolds the back of your hand and you flinch. ‘Ready to go love?’ You stare at the tannin rings in your mug and nod.

***Sumatra – a description from Starbucks website
"Like the Sumatran tiger, this coffee makes its presence known. It’s big and bold with a distinctive earthy aroma and lingering low notes. The heavy, full body and concentrated herbal spice notes are hallmarks of great coffee from Sumatra and the pride of our most seasoned roasters."

About the Author – Jo Fino says:
" I am a dreamer, an optimist, a worrier too. I started writing again to deal with a stressful situation and gradually rediscovered my passion. Now I battle to try to produce something of worth and to have the guts to get it 'out there'. I have a new passion: my daughter. I want to leave her a legacy, make her proud. I am working on short stories and a couple of novel ideas, dabble with poetry and have just started blogging …again."

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