Wednesday 31 July 2013

100 Worder Three Little Words

100 Worder
Dawn Knox
Three Little Words
Lemon tea – quick to make and slightly sharp

She'd been longing to hear those three little words and now, here he was across the table, making and breaking eye contact as he swallowed again, summoning the courage to speak. How easy it would have been to say the words for him but she too would have struggled. She placed her hand on his and squeezed encouragingly. Why was it so hard for them both to express their feelings and share their thoughts? Finally, he took a deep breath, cleared his throat and unable to hold her gaze, he looked over her shoulder into the distance. 'It’s over, Laura.'

About the author
Dawn Knox has been writing for several years and has had horror and sci-fi stories published in various anthologies and romances published in magazines. She enjoys a writing challenge and this is her first foray into Flash Fiction.

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