Friday 26 July 2013

100 Worder Genesis of a Retirement

100 Worder

Gill James

Genesis of a Retirement

Well Deserved Cuppa

Jack retired on Friday.
On Monday the electrician came to put in the fancy new light system in the loft. It was a gift from his work-mates.
On Tuesday Jack put up the table he’d bought from Ikea and moulded some ponds and hills.
Wednesday he put down the grass and the track.
Thursday he put up some houses and little people.
And on Friday he worked out how the signals and the points would work. .
On Saturday he prepared the engines.  
On Sunday Jack set the trains going on the tracks. He saw that his creation was good.  

About the author

Gill James ( writes novels for children and young adults. She writes short fiction and flash fiction for all ages. The latter is published on in various anthologies an online.
Follow her blog here. (
She lectures in Creative Writing at the University of Salford. (

Her latest novel Veiled Dreams is published on 26 July 2013.         

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