Tuesday 30 July 2013

100 Worder Every Day

100 Worder

Ore-Ofe Morakinyo

Every Day

Tap Water

Every day is identical, the same routine as any other. In the morning I wake up to see the abyss of loneliness in our ramshackle house. Breakfast also proves my families debt as I digest an almost raw egg and one week expired slice of bread which – to my luck – hasn't grown any moulds yet. I can never afford the fancy combs and lip gloss I see the other girls use. Even though, I stare into my glossy pink hand mirror which had been cracked approximately three years ago. I put on a smile while I walk out the door.

About the author

Ore-Ofe Morakinyo lives in London with a family of six. At the age of twelve, she likes writing because the thought of making a story is just too interesting, especially creating characters. Sometimes it helps her get away from the world. She loves the idea of being published in a book because it gives her a step closer towards her dream of becoming an internationally known author, artists and maybe someday actor (her word for this is Autorist) and right now she is writing her own series.
Her first story is being published this year in the Paws n Claws collection of children’s writing for Born Free Wild n Free Too
Follow her on Twitter @GraceMorak.

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