Tuesday 23 July 2013

100-Worder: Mirrors

100 Worder

Daniel Lamb


A shot of something strong

Have you ever wondered about mirrors?

      I have.

      What if mirrors lie?

      What if the person you see reflected in them isn’t really you? You could never know for sure, could you? You rely on them to show you what you look like, but you never know for sure whether what they’re showing you is the truth.

      What if something happens to the light before it reaches your eyes, what if mirrors distort it somehow? What if they alter the image reflected back at you according to what you expect to see?

      Have you ever wondered about life?

      I have.

About the author

Daniel Lamb has always wanted to be a writer. Actually, there was a brief period of time in his youth when he wanted to be an actor, and an even briefer period of time when he had aspirations of rock superstardom. In a way, he considers writing to be a form of acting anyway and has thus decided that he is killing two birds with one stone. As for dreams of rock superstardom, these were sadly quashed when he realised that upon picking up a guitar he is killing two birds with his complete lack of musical talent and subsequent noise pollution.

      He lives in a small village in the North West where nothing much ever happens and he has to make things up instead.

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