Sunday 23 October 2022

War by Phyllis Souza, black wine

Defending their land, soldiers dash across battlefields-- boots tread the ground.

Pilots in warplanes soar through the sky--engines roar.

Invaders' drones are dropping bombs. Tanks creak and clack.

The defenders blow up bridges. Hold back the enemy.

Machine guns clatter. Destroy.

Fires everywhere. The dead lay on the ground. Survivors hide.

Stop torturing. Stop killing children, the old, and the weak.

How does it end?

Nobody knows.

But, one day, the victor will raise a flag.

About the author


Phyllis Souza lives in Northern California. After she retired from a long real estate career, she took online writing classes. Her stories have been published in: The Drabble, The Raven Perch, Spillwords, Scarlet Leaf Review, and Friday Flash Fiction.

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