Monday 24 October 2022

A Bid for Freedom by Dawn Knox, Grape Escape Cocktail

 Rapunzel studied the complicated drawings the prince had brought to her tower-top prison. ‘I must admit, I was hoping for a long ladder.’

The prince nodded. ‘Trust me, this is the best option. I’ve explored all possibilities and the tower’s too tall for a ladder. A rope ladder might be a possibility, but it breaches several health and safety regulations.’

‘So, I climb out of the window into your contraption. Sit on a small mat and then slide to the bottom?’

‘Exactly. And afterwards, we’ll dismantle it and sell off the design. I’m thinking of calling it a “Helter Skelter”.’

About the author

Dawn’s three previous books in the ‘Chronicles Chronicles’ series are ‘The Basilwade Chronicles’, ‘The Macaroon Chronicles’ and 'The Crispin Chronicles' published by Chapeltown Publishing. You can follow her here on on Twitter: Amazon Author:



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