Tuesday 18 October 2022

A Great Responsibility by Dawn Knox, milk

 “Irregular? I don’t know what you mean.”

“Irregular and foolish!” Miss Floss clenched her fists and brought them down on the desk with such force, a photograph frame toppled over and the pot plant’s leaves trembled.

“But if you’d just let me explain—”

“I knew it was a mistake to take you on! Tooth fairies have to be reputable. A great weight of responsibility rests on our shoulders. What sort of example have you set to that child?”

“Well, I think—”

“I’m not interested in what you think! Just look at you! You’re a disgrace! Leggings and baggy jumpers are not part of our dress code! A tooth fairy should look like a tooth fairy!”

“But it was cold last night—”

“Cold! Huh! Well, I could forgive you that but to have allowed a child to trick you! What were you thinking? And after all your training! Can’t you tell the difference between a small, white Lego brick and a tooth?”

“Yes but—”

“Then what were you thinking leaving money for it? That will come out of your salary, you know!”

“But I didn’t leave money for it. Well, that is I didn’t leave any of our department’s money.”

“But I was told you left five pounds.”

“I thought such a wily child should be taught a lesson. She’ll only be able to spend it the next time she plays Monopoly.”

About the author

 Dawn’s three previous books in the ‘Chronicles Chronicles’ series are ‘The Basilwade Chronicles’, ‘The Macaroon Chronicles’ and 'The Crispin Chronicles' published by Chapeltown Publishing. 
You can follow her here on https://dawnknox.com 

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