Tuesday 19 December 2017

Time To Be Off

Allison Symes 

      Sparkling Water

‘We don’t usually leave the sheep, boss.  You say it’s dangerous.’

‘Yes, lad, but this is different.’  The head shepherd gazed at the  youngest herdsman.

‘The wolves and other predators are still out there, boss.’

‘Our visitors will make sure our animals are all right while we visit Bethlehem, lad.’

‘They didn’t say so, boss.  They just talked and sang about “glory to God”.’

‘True, lad, but they know we need our sheep.  Come on, let’s go.  Are you nervous?  Is that why you’re dilly dallying?’

The young herdsman gulped.  ‘Be fair, boss, it’s not everyday you meet the Son of God.’

About the author

Allison Symes is published by Chapeltown Books, Cafelit, Bridge House and Alfie Dog Fiction.  She is a member of the Society of Authors and Association of Christian Writers.  A round-up of what she writes where is at http://allisonsymescollectedworks.wordpress.com.  Her website is www.fairytaleswithbite.weebly.com and she blogs for Chandler’s Ford Today - http://chandlersfordtoday.co.uk/author/allison-symes/


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