Tuesday 5 December 2017

Career Prospect

Roger Noons

a small glass of camel’s milk.


‘So Aaron, you will be leaving school in six weeks time and I’ve been asked to talk to you about what you will do. Have you any ideas?’
    The lad shook his head.
    ‘Well, to start with, what’s your father’s job?’
    ‘Looks after camels.’
    ‘Might you like to follow in his footsteps?’
    ‘No way. Don’t like camels, horrible smelly things. Always spitting and far … doing nasty things.’
    ‘But you like animals, don’t you? Your teacher told me you always take the class hamster home during the school holidays. ‘
    ‘I like him. He’s funny, strokes his whiskers a lot and wheels round and round.’
    ‘Would you like to work with animals?’
   The lad nodded.
    ‘What about sheep? I know a shepherd, perhaps he’d take you as an apprentice.’
    ‘Yeah, I quite like sheep.’
    ‘Shepherds have dogs to help them. Nice friendly dogs.’
    ‘That sounds good,’ Aaron beamed.
    ‘There’s no glamour mind you, it can be many hours of hard work, particularly during lambing. Although it is thrilling to watch lambs gambolling around the fields. But you’d never be rich or famous.’
    ‘That’s all right.’
   ‘After all, nothing exciting or memorable ever happens in or near Bethlehem.’

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