Wednesday 20 December 2017

Landsberg Prison - 20 December 1924

Roger Noons


a stein of wheat beer

‘Prisoner Number one zero two zero one, Sir.’
    ‘Thank you, Gruber.’
    ‘Stand up straight Prisoner, show respect to the Governor.’
    He did as he’d been commanded.
    The red-faced man behind the desk sighed, his barrel chest rising slowly and falling rapidly. He looked at the paper on the desk before him.
    ‘You appear to be the subject of good fortune, young man. It is rare for someone who has been sentenced to five years in this establishment, to be pardoned by the State Supreme Court after only two hundred and sixty four days. Particularly as an attempt to have you extradited to your native country, was refused by no less a person than Herr Seipel, the Austrian Chancellor.’
    The prisoner nodded, but remained silent.
    ‘I gather that in your favour, your behaviour has been exemplary and you have spent your time, assisted by a friend, in writing a book.’
    He nodded again.
    The Governor stood and offered his hand. ‘I hope you will continue to behave yourself and you will not in the future break the law. If you do so, you may find yourself back here for a considerable number of years.’
    ‘Oh, I’ll behave myself Sir, thank you.’
    ‘Good!. Auf Wiedersehen, Herr Hitler, and good luck.’

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