Friday 15 December 2017

Sad News 15 December 1966

Roger Noons

two glasses of sarsaparilla


‘You’re late Mickey?’
    ‘Sorry Min, but there is great sadness at the Studio.’
    ‘Oh dear and just before Christmas. I guessed you’d been held up making arrangements for the party/’
    ‘I can’t see there being one this year.’
    ‘What on earth has happened?’
    ‘It’s the Boss, he’s died.’
    ‘Mr Disney, dead?’
    Mickey slowly nodded his head. ‘This morning, in the hospital.’
    ‘I didn’t even know he was ill.’
    ‘He kept it from us. It was lung cancer.’
    ‘He always had that cough, but I thought it was when he got excited or was nervous.’
    Silence prevailed as Minnie stared at the window and sitting in his favourite armchair, Mickey tickled Pluto’s ears.
    ‘Will we attend the funeral?’
    ‘Yes, of course my dear, but as a mark of respect, we’ll go in black and white.’

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