Monday 14 December 2015

Advent Day Twelve 2015

Advent Day Twelve
December 12 2015
Roger Noons


A glass of Glogg (spiced red wine)

‘Come on Edward, time for your birthday drink.’
    ‘You go ahead, I’ll see you in the pub.’
    I stared across the fjord. I can’t miss this sunset, blood and tongues of flame, it’s amazing. I scribbled in my book, made some rough marks, hoped I would be able to read my notes.
    I was in the studio within minutes and grabbed pastels, there already being a card on the easel. I slashed pigment onto the board. Stood back, consulted my notes and added more marks.
    Standing back a second time, I knew I’d captured something special, but would it sell?


About the Author
Roger Noons is one of Cafélit’s most prolific contributors with stories also selected for Best of CaféLit 3 and Best of CaféLit 4. While the advent door was opened late he chose this for December 12th in honour of Edvard Munch’s birthday.

Published December 12 2015

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