Monday 14 December 2015

Advent Day Ten 2015

Advent Day Ten
December 10 2015

Daniel Lamb

It's Only Just Begun


Somewhere, in the shadow-space between worlds, he waits.
            He has been waiting almost a year now. But that’s okay. He is used to a cyclical existence. His breath mists in the cold, condensing not just the air, but time itself. The storm winds have already begun to signal his arrival. Soon, the bells will ring, the choirs will chant and sing, the people will gather and be merry and sit down to feast. And he will be there. Feasting in his own way. It won’t be long now.
            He waits, ready to slip from behind the veil and back into the world.
            The old man with the matted grey hair purses his lips in the ice chill and starts to whisper, tentatively practising what will soon become a roar of sinister mirth.
            ‘It’s…Christmas…’ Slow, quiet, testing out the words as though he has never spoken them before.
            ‘It’s…Christmas.’ A little more forcefully now.
            The hour approaches. Two eyes glint in the darkness. Noddy Holder grins and lets out a rusty cackle.
            ‘It’s Christmas!’


About the Author

Daniel Lamb is a twenty-three year old biped humanoid who likes to make things up. He used to make up stories in the playground as a child and rope all his friends into playing all the different characters whether they liked it or not. Now, he just writes the stories down in an attempt to avoid the possibility of characters getting bored and walking off half way through. Although this still happens from time to time. He moonlights as a part time alcoholic and barstool philosopher and likes writing about himself in the third person. He has a pet ghost called Otis.

Published December 10 2015 

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  1. Very clever! Would be the same without it.