Thursday 3 December 2015

Advent Day Three

Advent Day Three
December 03 2015

Janet Bunce

The Artist Returns


Candice unlocks the door to her new home and rushes to the cellar – soon to be her studio.
She was drawn to it and cannot wait to begin its transformation. Eagerly she opens a crate left behind by the previous owner. Sepia photos wrapped in a 100-year-old newspaper fall out.
Excitedly she examines each one in turn.
The backdrop clearly is the cellar where she now stands.
In the foreground a slim girl poses for a portrait.
Only the model is seen in the first few photos.
The next one captures the smiling artist. She gasps, 'its me!’
About the Author
Janet lives in Essex and enjoys writing. She loves writing short pieces but really hopes to progress to something longer soon!

Published December 03 2015

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