Tuesday 3 June 2014

100 Worder Poseidon's Wrath

100 Worder
David Hook
Poseidon's Wrath
Sea Breeze Cocktail

Warm sea mottled blue and green.
Holiday's end, a final swim, her strokes confident, athletic.
From the deep it glides, silent, effortless, flanks marbled by light's refraction. Ascending.
Sunset, a palette of hues. Spent, she turns heading for the distant shore.
Movement and scent detected. Hulking muscles power the behemoth, its lustreless eyes seeking. Ascending.
An upward surge of current, primal fear rent from ancestral memory.
Eyes wide she peers into the crepuscular darkened depths.
Gaping, razored maw. Ascending.
Lungs emptying with a scream cut short by crimson gouts.
Jaws, serrated, sawing, torso and limbs sundered.
Poseidon's leviathan – Ascended.

About the Author

David lives on the edge of Epping Forest having been raised on a council estate in South London. Recently resigned from a stressful job after twenty years he finds that his mind is decluttering and is now able to concentrate on hobbies and interests. He hopes, despite a crippling fear of grammar and punctuation, that writing will become one of them.

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