Wednesday 4 June 2014

100 Worder Poseidon's Fury

100 Worder
Angela Haffenden
Poseidon's Fury
Another Sea Breeze Cocktail, anyone?

The rain falls, thunder speaks of his burgeoning anger. Lightening illuminates the sky to reveal an ominous moon. Ferocious waves smash and ravish the coastlines. Rivers and streams swell, then burst spectacularly. His wrath knows no end, his trident is raised, he continues to destroy the countryside. Roads are now waterways, fit for boats not cars. Wildlife suffers for man's sins. It is our penance. He is remembering a time where he was idolised and revered, relishing his power, which has  been held dormant for so long. Temporarily he is sated; a smile on his face. Poseidon can now rest.

About the Author

Angela Haffenden is a mother of four children. She is also responsible for a husband, a dog and an ageing father. She writes mainly to stay sane. She lives by the sea and writes in a cabin in the garden.

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