Wednesday 25 June 2014

100 Worder The Four Year Dream

100 Worder

Janet Bunce

The Four Year Dream

Tin of lager

A whistle blows and the game starts.
                        He knows that this is the time to shine, the time to perform.
Muscles twitch and a rush of adrenalin enters his brain.
The crowd roars as the ball is kicked in the air towards the opponent’s goal.
He hears the chant, the name of his clan and knows that he must succeed and win for his people. Energy takes him forward as he kicks the ball powerfully towards the opposition’s net.
Gasp of breath as the ball heads under the bar. Then a jolt as he awakes from his World Cup Dream!

About the Author

About the author: Janet Bunce is enjoying writing short pieces. When not writing she works in financial services, runs in the forest and travels as much as possible with her husband.

1 comment:

  1. Nicely written topical story, Janet - there will be many men and boys dreaming that impossible dream this month!