Wednesday 11 June 2014

100 Worder Me and My Girl

100 Worder
Alan Cadman
Me and My Girl

A quick glass of Pinot Grigio

‘Do I look old fashioned?’ Robert said.
            ‘No,’ Jean, his partner, replied.
            ‘What about this tie?’
            ‘Stop worrying. You look great.’
‘What do you think she will she say when she sees me for the first time in years?’
            ‘How about, “Where have you been all my life, Dad?” Don’t forget, you ran away from her and her mother.’
            ‘What sort of music does a twenty-year old woman like?’  
            ‘Robert, it’s not about how you look or music, but if you think you can bond through it she might like Lady Gaga.’
            ‘Lady who?’ said Robert as the doorbell chimed.

About the Author
Alan has been writing short stories for seven years. Before that, he was the editor of a civic society newsletter for the same period. When he first started writing fiction, his published work was rewarded with complimentary copies from magazines. His first cheque arrived on Christmas Eve 2009.

In 2011 he made the short list for one story and became a prize winner for flash fiction. Alan also won first prize, of £100, in a poetry competition in 2013. The last three accolades were awarded by the same best-selling UK magazine for writers. Alan’s work has been read out on Internet radio and his stories are now published in hard copy magazines and e-zines.

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