Thursday 12 June 2014

100 Worder Dear God ...

100 Worder

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Dear God …

Will you help me find me sister? She went missing last year. I was watching Corrie, Dad had gone for chips. He said he would’ve only got two portions if he’d known. It was meant to be funny. I didn’t laugh. Nor did the policeman.
            “Did she say where she was going?” Dad said.
            “Out,” I said.
            “Abducted,” they said.
I didn’t know there were aliens in Crosby. When I told Dad he laughed, then he cried.
            Don’t let Dad cry.
So when you find her will you tell her to come home? And I’m sorry I ate her chips.

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  1. Dear God! That is so sad. Poor little chap feels responsible in a way, and his Dad's not much help.