Friday 2 February 2024

And That’s Why I Have a Mullet by Angeline Schellenberg, Fanta

I’m getting a Bubly from the camper fridge when I see that dang neighbour slap a ‘Fuddy-Duddy Buddy Tours’ sign onto my window and start hooking up my fifth wheel to his truck – I fall on my keester, the RV door flies open, and up come flipflops … attached to grannies, but I don’t scream – I’m naked, see, so I run for some pants, and suddenly everything in my hamper is ’80s thin ties and paisley, and when I bust out of the bedroom humming the Wonder Years theme song (which is weird cause I never even saw that show): dozens of granny eyes under flipped-up clip-on sunglasses, playing an Atari, turn on me, so I freak, reach for my cellphone to call you, but it’s turned into one of them Fax thingies, and man: how many times did I try to tell you something like this was gonna happen?

About the author 


Angeline Schellenberg is the author of Tell Them It Was Mozart (Brick Books, 2016), Fields of Light and Stone (University of Alberta Press, 2020), and Mondegreen Riffs (At Bay Press, 2024). A spiritual director, Angeline hosts the Speaking Crow reading series in Winnipeg, Canada. 

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