Saturday 16 September 2023

Saturday Sample: Seen Through a Glass of Red by Liz Cox, red wine




 I am delighted to welcome you to my first single-author collection. I hope you enjoy reading the tales as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

I have been writing for some years, both poetry and prose, and in 2016 I had my first success when ‘Winking at Angels’ was accepted by Bridge House Publishing for their Christmas anthology, Baubles. Since then, I have been successful in having stories chosen for subsequent Christmas anthologies and for the on-line CafeLit Magazine. I thank Bridge House for giving me my first taste of success.

Writing is many things – it is cathartic, fun, frustrating and rewarding. To see your story gradually shape itself (with your help) from an idea and a sprinkle of words on a page into something that another person would like to read is exciting.

This collection is a mix of the ridiculous, the sad, the historical and the angry and, although the title would suggest it, none of them was written ‘through a glass of red’. They are stories you might imagine sharing on an evening of convivial company. Or read while enjoying the aforesaid ‘glass of red’ in front of a blazing log fire on a dark winter’s evening where you might find yourself engaging with a giraffe found on a canal bank, falling in love with a green-eyed angel, looking for a mutable moon-mother and even transporting yourself to medieval Denmark at Yul. 

You will find these and other stories between the covers of this volume. When Seen Through a Glass of Red it gives licence for the imagination to find its own path. 


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