Friday 8 September 2023

her heart was broken; it was made whole by Lisa Rabey, cold brew with sweet foam


Her heart was broken and there was not a thing we could do.

We gave her the wings of a butterfly to lift her up but her sadness was so deep the wings gave half-hearted flutters as she slowly came back to the ground.

We gave her an eyes of a raven so she may see clearly but not too soon after, the raven eye clouded with her sadness.

We gave her a bit of the horn of a unicorn to bring magic and wonder back to her life but it sat unused in the corner.

We continued to bring her gifts, each one more magical than the last, but nothing could break her anguish and gloom.

Finally, we brought out our last gift, the very gift we hoped to save for ourselves, but  we knew keeping her heart was not the right thing to do. We gave her back her heart, the very one we fixed.

After we gave her back her heart, her butterfly wings began to flap faster and faster and slowly lifted her off the ground, her raven’s eye cleared, and she put the bit of horn of the unicorn into her bag. She surveyed the world around her, once black and now light, with a smile.


About the author


LISA RABEY (she/they) contains multitudes and makes a delightful companion to trivia teams. Lisa watches a lot of reality and period television as well as reads heaving bosom books. She writes a GenXer about town newsletter at Her favorite Elizabeth Bennet is Keira Knightley. She is @heroineinabook


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