Tuesday 24 May 2022

Fabulous Fairytale Footwear by Dawn Knox, champagne


Fabulous Fairytale Footwear

by Dawn Knox

Drink: Champagne

‘Glass slippers? Are you for real? How do you expect me to dance in those? They don’t flex, they’re likely to shatter and I’ll end up with multiple lacerations. What were you thinking? And look at those heels!

‘What’s that you say? Look in the bag? Oh, there’s a pair of flip-flops inside! Well, that’s very thoughtful. Yes, I realise you’ve included them so I can slip them on when my feet start to hurt. I expect that’ll be shortly after we arrive and I step out of my pumpkin carriage.

But wait! Those flip-flops are made of glass too...

 About the author

Dawn’s two previous books in the Chronicles Chronicles series are The Basilwade Chronicles and The Macaroon Chronicles both published by Chapeltown Publishing. The Crispin Chronicles is coming soon! You can follow her here on https://dawnknox.comon Twitter: https://twitter.com/SunriseCalls Amazon Author: http://mybook.to/DawnKnox

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