Saturday 7 May 2022

Smell of Coffee by Xavier Zapater, long black


James had lost his short-term memory. It was hard for him to remember what he had done throughout the day. Instead, James remembered very well his missed youth. He always told the same stories. His son David, who took it upon himself to visit him often, was already used to it.

- Have you taken your medication?

- Yes, every day, after breakfast. I have the medicines on the table so that I don't forget. And I also have that box that you brought from the pharmacy where it says the days of the week. That way, I know for sure if I've taken the pills.

- Okay. In that case, I'll go calmer.

- Don't worry, I'm fine. Sometimes, I forget things, but that at my age is normal.

- Sure, Dad.

- Tomorrow I'll come to see you at the same time, ¿right?

- Okay.

David went home with a clear conscience, seeing that his father could still fend for himself. He had been thinking about seeking professional help for some time, but his father did not like the idea. He was a very suspicious person. David left his father's house and bought coffee at the corner bar.


The next day, David came back. He entered without warning because he had the keys to the apartment.

- Hello, I brought coffee, Dad.

- Hello, son, go ahead.

David went into the dining room. Put the coffee on the table and sat down next to his father. He was reading the newspaper.

-Smells good, - James said.

- Yes, it's freshly made - answered David

- I like the smell of coffee.

- I know, dad, that's why I brought it. What are you reading?

- Nothing special.

- Ah! I thought you should consider having someone at home to help you. I can't come every day.

- Well, I'll manage on my own.

- ¿Sure? Look how stubborn you are. A little help won't hurt.

- Don't insist. You're on the same subject again. I don't want anyone here snooping through my stuff.

- Well, I will not insist anymore. ¿Have you taken your medication?

- Yes, like every day.

- It's just that I worry about you.

- Well, you don't have to worry.

- Yes, but I'm afraid you'll forget to take your medication.

- You have to trust me.

- Alright. I'll give you a vote of confidence.

- Come on, give me that coffee before it gets cold.


About the author

Xavier has been working in the film industry for many companies as a Production Assistant. Likewise, he enjoys Cycling Touring. He rode across Iceland and the North of Spain. He has lived for one year and a half in Melbourne, Australia working as a Kitchen Porter. 




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