Sunday 15 May 2022

Exchange of Letters between the Pundit and the Painter by Paweł Markiewicz, new wine

 Bijou among pearlets of an epistolary art

The epistle No. 1 as long SMS dispatched

The 5th May 2022. At the most picturesque dawn


Dear painter!

I woke up bright and early and think of a fulfilled day, that an angel brings me. I have seen your abstract painting und I am entranced. What a superb thing!  I want to hail you. May your picture infatuate the world in an infinite way. This oeuvre is apt to conjure all sempiternity. I like all sorts of the abstract, what is therein. Your painting is abstract-most lovely, id est full of  paints, outlines, light games, fires, what I appreciate greatly (*very). It portrays a leisurely-blue hourlet, (**little tender heaven-like Blue Hour), as if the heaven would scintillate for the sake of the embers, not from this world. The Blue joins with the Red. The clouds reveal hardly, but the sun was shown really pulchritudinously  (*** archaic: amazingly) because of the magnitude. With such picture-like arts I can daydream about muse-like paradise. The Abstract rules throughout mindful of moony allure. The painting seems to hold a mirror up to epistemology of images.

Your savant


The letter No. 2 valid as an e-mail-message

The 6th May 2002. During the Blue Hours.


Dear Sir scholar!

I am willing to the dreaming with the red sun before the night. I think about a midnight full immenseness which a muse will bring to me. I have read your academic vision for the sake of a primordial woman and I am avid due to it. What is a balmy thing!. I am ready to greet you. The vision is able to conjure up all the paradise. I like all Abstract, what rests in it. Your academic work regarding an enchantress from the tribe: Homo habilis is far from the actuality and hence abstract. It kindles the fire of philosophers, that is able to turn a wood into a gold. This magician female is wise and eternally moony, to wit: dreamy. One can with her dream of golden pieces. The magic power of the antiquity is more abstract than a witchcraft of the dark age (****better known as: the Middle Ages), because it senses the warmness of the velvet being- knowledge (*****according to Paul the dreamed ontology). One employs an incantation, which a primeval human being scored on rock faces in Thuringia. It’s very gripping. The abstract dominates in the world full of tender sparks.

Your painter

About the author

Paweł Markiewicz was born 1983 in Siemiatycze in Poland. He is poet who lives in Bielsk Podlaski and writes tender poems, haiku as well as longer poems. Paweł has published his poetry in many magazines. He writes in English and German.



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