Friday 25 December 2020

Christmas is Home – Acts of Kindness


1.       Tom spends his birthday money on a McDonalds for a homeless man

2.       Sikhs cook for trapped lorry drivers

3.       Alf moves his piano into the garden and plays for the neighbours

4.       Mr and Mrs Green over the road share their phone numbers – just in case

5.       Toady clears the snow off your car.

6.       A nun pays my bus fare when I find I have lost it. 

7.       Jan is allergic to cats but stops to help one who is dying. 

8.       George buys five extra tins of cat meat to give to the animal food bank.   

9.        Alex was furloughed and spent his time making scrubs for the NHS.

10.   Elsie, who lives alone in a four-bedroomed house, offers a home to family whose house has burnt down. 

11.   Paul gives his car to his granddaughter.

12.    The whole family decide to forego all presents and give to the arts instead.




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