Saturday 26 December 2020

Wild Flowers


by Amy B. Moreno

a cup of tea, but made with real tea leaves instead of a bag. And drank from a cup and saucer.

Jimmy an’ me had nothin’ when we marrit young. My hands were empty ‘til wee Kitty came up an’ gave me a posie ae wild flowers – bluebells, cowslip, daisies, wood sorrel.  So young and bright.

Jimmy always buys me anniversary flowers; a fancier bouquet every year.  They crowd the mantelpiece, crying for my attention like the babies that never came.

I smile a thank you an’ he rests in the armchair, admiring his work, please with himsel’.  I sit opposite him and look out the windae.  It’d hurt his feelings if I told him I’d prefer the wild flowers.

About the author 

Amy B. Moreno writes poetry and prose for adults and children. She writes in English, Scots, and Spanish, including multilingual pieces. She has recently been published by MsLexia (Little Ms), Secret Attic, The Common Breath, The London Reader, The Scottish Book Trust, and The Ogilvie Literary Review.
Twitter: @Amy_B_Moreno 

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