Wednesday 22 January 2020

The New Arrival

 by Eamon O'Leary 


Santa is my friend ‘cos he bringed me hundreds of presents. He left Buzz Lightyear and Lego and a book and a train and new pj’s with Spiderman on them in my stocking. And the baby popped out of Mummy’s tummy and he is my new little brother. His name is Archie and he cries a lot. And my grandad makes funny faces and plays wrestling with me and helps me build things with my Lego. My granny takes me to the swings and gives me cuddles and makes nice dinners. Granny is my bestest friend. She makes me pizza with olives on top. I love black olives, but my Daddy doesn’t like olives at all.  Two times my Grandad took me to the pub and gived me a treat and a comic.
My Daddy had to go to work today. He is a policeman and catches baddies. And my grandad and my granny went on the plane today and Mummy took me to Little Rascals to play with my friends and Archie was crying. And Mummy collected me and all the people looked at Archie. Mummy said I could watch a programme when we got home and ‘cos I’m four and a big boy, I can mind the remote. And Mummy turned on the television and Archie started crying and Mummy started crying and she went to the bedroom with Archie. I’m watching Baby Shark and I’m cuddling my favourite teddy. I am sad.

About the author

Eamon O'Lear started writing short stories after retiring. He is published in The Galway Review, Hammond House, Clarendon House, Bandit Fiction, Grindstone Publications and elsewhere. Ambition is to get a collection published before time runs out.


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