Thursday 30 January 2020

I'm Bored

by Allison Symes

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

‘It’s up to you, I really don’t mind,’ Joe said, swinging his legs idly against the brick wall.

‘Grrr… all I asked was what would you like to do today, as a considerate friend does and as I ask every bloody day, and you still come up with that rot. Are you incapable of giving me a straight answer? I get so bored trying to come up with different things for us at least to try. It is boring sitting on this wall all the time.’

‘Then stop asking me such a stupid question then,’ and with that Joe pushed Humpty Dumpty off the wall.

The mess on the pavement was impressive. Humpty had been a huge egg.

‘Not going to be bored any more, are you, Hump?’

About the author 

Allison Symes, who adores reading and writing tales with a twist, is published by Chapeltown Books, Cafelit, and Bridge House Publishing.  She is a member of the Society of Authors and Association of Christian Writers.  Her website, including her blog round-up spot, can be found at https:\\ and she blogs for Chandler’s Ford Today -

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