Monday 23 December 2019

The Journey


by Lynn Clement 

warm milk


The stars splattered over the black canvass, lighting the way for the travellers. The path was long and winding, making them tired. The leader decided to stop for the night; to eat and rest before continuing the epic journey. A camp was set up and after supper they slept.

Danny had heard about the travellers and knew they were going to find something special so he had decided to join them. He’d spent half the night getting to the camp and he was exhausted, so he curled up and slept in the warmth alongside the leader.

The following day the sun beat down. Danny wished he had a hat like the others but he took shade where he could. He rode with the leader and his servant, saving his little legs. He listened to their conversation and grew excited to see ‘The Saviour’ that they spoke about, although he wasn’t really sure what they meant, he had a special feeling.

The journey was longer than he expected and he was getting a bit despondent that they wouldn’t find ‘The Saviour’, when there was a shout from the front of the caravan. 

‘The Star!’

Danny wondered why they were so excited about a star. He’d seen lots of stars as he went about his usual business - hadn’t they? Maybe this star was, ‘The saviour’? He poked his head out of his warm bed and looked up into the sky. His eyes widened, he was dazzled. Danny opened his mouth in a yawn and a squeaky sound escaped. He hid. The leader stopped looking at the night and looked down at Danny, trying to hide in his bag.

‘Well what is this?’ he said lifting Danny from his bed. ‘Have you made a home in my bag little one?’ Danny shook.

‘Don’t be afraid,’ said the man.

‘Oh yuck,’ said his servant, ‘a mouse. I’ll kill him, my King.’ He reached to grab hold of Danny’s neck. But the king held Danny close to his chest. 

‘No, leave him be,’ he said. ‘Even a mouse can visit a Saviour.’ And he put Danny back into the warmth of his carpet bag.

Later that night Danny crept out of his hiding place. He sniffed. It smelled like his old farmyard, the straw was soft and sweet. This place was crowded, with cows, sheep and a donkey but all was quiet. Then a baby started crying and its mother began singing. Danny couldn’t see because of the large animals in his way. Deftly climbing a rope tied to a rafter, he clambered onto a wooden beam.
The Kings were kneeling round the baby’s crib and they were offering gifts. A golden glow surrounded the scene. Danny’s fur tingled and stood up on the back of his neck. So this is what they meant. The chatter that he’d heard about ‘The Saviour’ was right and here He was. Danny felt comforted. Eventually the baby fell asleep and the night was calm and peaceful  so Danny curled up in the yellow straw and slept himself, right underneath ‘The Saviour’s’ crib.

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