Sunday 21 April 2019

The Girl Who Wore Her Heart on her Hip

by Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik

white wine

She stood there in the darkness, beneath the star filled sky. The subtle evening wind blew in her long chestnut hair back in waves like that of the sea before her. Gently, she undid the zip that ran as a river up the side of her violet silken dress and softly lifted it up over her head  and allowed it flutter to the golden sand that lay finely around her where it rested in a heap. As it slipped to the floor, a small heart upon her hip came into view, deeply sketched in an amber shade of henna upon her milky white flesh. She shook her long hair out of her pale face and continued to lightly step upon the powdery sand until she once again stopped to remove her black lace bra and panties and allowed them too to fall upon the sand. She reached up and brushed her hair from her face and over her head so it hung slightly differently as she continued. She smiled to herself as she her toes touched the edge of the cool sea water and she began to enter its depths. He tip toed behind her, keeping his distance. His dark hair blew in the wind and his eyes twinkled as her saw her brazen form displayed silhouetted against the moonlit midnight skies. He shook his hair from his eyes and - naked - followed her into the water. His muscles gleamed and glistened in the subtle light that shone from the sky; pure unspoilt lunar luminance. He picked up speed as he approached the shore line, no longer caring whether she saw him or not. He watched her, coveting her, as she allowed the salt water the gently wash over her body. He entered the water himself with a strange groan, a longing released at last. She snapped around to view his naked muscular body in the water behind her, she gasped in shock. “Baby!” She giggled musically, “where were you? I was getting wet…” his ruby lips curled happily at this thought and he reached his strong hand out to her and brushed her blushing cheek lightly, as if reaching to touch a butterfly. She blushed deeper as he touched her fair skin and whispered “don’t stop”. He didn’t. He leaned in and the pair kissed as divine lovers in the crystal pure light. The cool water rubbed and lapped against their amorous forms as they pulled each other closer and embraced until they became one. Gently, they began to make love.

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