Monday 22 April 2019

The Sad Man

by William Edgar

a pint of bitter

The sad man walks into the pub. There are  about thirty people there and he goes to the bar and gets himself a pint and then sits on his own at a table. He sees four men talking and laughing and he wishes he was part of a group like them. He then sees a woman on her own and finds her attractive but experience tells him that she would not want to speak to him. He has a drink and then thinks if his feet are like David Beckham's then why cant he kick a ball like him. He has another drink and then leaves the pub with his glass still half full. It's raining outside and he sets off walking home and a car goes through a puddle beside him and the water is thrown on to him. When he gets back to his flat he sits down and picks up the telly controls and the telly won't come on and then he realises that he has not plugged it in. He then picks up his diary and writes in the diary these are the best days of his life.

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