Wednesday 24 April 2019

Hang Man

by Elizabeth Montague 

mild ale

He upheld His Majesty's law, executed the punishment set by the courts. He was lauded as the greatest; quick, effective and sympathetic. He felt nothing for those he saw to their maker or that's what he told himself each sleepless night. In the dark hours he counted each one, recalled their names and their crime but the sentence was always the same.

He'd seen traitors, rapists, serial killers but their meetings were always brief. Weight, height, build, measured and accurate before a knot and a drop.

He had killed more than any of them in the name of the law.

About the author 

Elizabeth has previously been published in eight anthologies from Clarendon House Publications and is currently working with them to produce her own collection of short stories. She has also featured in A Flash of Words from Scout Media and has been published on several online platforms.


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