Sunday 7 April 2019

A Final Goodbye

by Arlene Antoinette 

amaretto sour 

she’s pulling away from him, his
imminent demise causing her to
prematurely run from death. His nearing
death a kind of soothsayer of her own

sometimes, she forces herself
to forget the good times. what
was the sense of those promises they
made to each other over the years?
promises can’t be kept from the grave. 

every night, she holds his hand in hers
as he closes his eyes. she says goodnight
through tears, silent sobs and a kiss. warm
kisses used to mean i love you, but now they
echo… forgive me, i have to let you go.

About the author 

Arlene Antoinette is a writer who enjoys dabbling in poetry, flash fiction and song lyrics. Additional poetry by Arlene Antoinette may be found @ Foxglove Journal, Cagibi Lit, Better Than Starbucks, Mojave Heart Review, With Painted Words, London Grip, Literary Heist and Your Daily Poem.

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