Thursday 18 October 2018

Koko Want Banana

by  Mark Kodama 

banana milkshake

Professor Mann paid a visit to Professor Simian at Stanford University.  Professor Simian was one of the researchers studying Koko the gorilla who was taught American Sign Language.  While Professor Mann was reading the business section of the newspaper about the prime rate, Koko reached through her cage and nudged Professor Mann and then signed: “Koko want banana.” Professor Mann did not know sign language.

When Professor Mann failed to respond, Koko repeated “Koko want banana.”  When Professor Mann looked blankly at Koko, the gorilla began to get agitated.  Finally, Koko signed very slowly and very emphatically to Professor Mann: “Koko want banana!”

Professor Mann said:  “You’ve never really had your intelligence insulted until you’ve had your intelligence insulted by an ape.”

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