Tuesday 9 October 2018


by Mark Kodama 

spring water 

When I died, I thought I should be
Prepared for any thing.
I thought it might not be the end
But possibly a new beginning.
But it could possibly
Just be darkness.
And we hear so much
About  a bright light.
So I figured I better
Get ready for anything.
So I figured
God could be man
Or woman
Or perhaps something
But I never thought
God could be a monkey.
It all makes sense now,
Since God is such
an ancient deity.
So there I was in heaven,
Prepared to argue
Why St. Peter should
Let me through
The pearly gates.
I stood at a wood table,
Looking up at the bench
And the three empty
Great thrones.
And then clerk of heaven
Called my case.
Jesus sat in the chair
To the right hand of God.
And of course,
To the left was an empty chair.
But what was most astonishing
Of all, God was a monkey.
I must of looked astonished
Because God looked
At Jesus and then the both
Looked knowingly
At one another
And then laughed.
Although I could not see him,
The Holy Ghost in the empty
Chair laughed too.
 So God put on his glasses,
And peered at the dossier
In front of him.
After reviewing the file
He looked up at me,
Obviously concerned
And then asked:
“Mr. Kodama,
Have you lived
A good life?”

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