Saturday 13 October 2018

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by Roger Noons

a glass of Cava

I sneaked a look into the tent. The man was dressed like a character in a pantomime. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves came to mind. He appeared to be asleep.
    ‘Come inside,’ a voice said. ‘It’s quiet, you can have a consultation for half price.’
    I looked at the woman, charmed by her generous smile which spread to her eyes. ‘Which is?’
    ‘How much?’
    ‘Oh … ten pounds. That all right?’
    ‘Will you do it?’
    She looked at the man. ‘Looks like I will.’
    I followed her to a corner table, where we sat opposite each other. A Chrystal ball and a pack of cards were within her reach.
    ‘When is your birthday?’
    ‘October thirteen.’
    ‘So you’re Libra?’
    I nodded.
    She leaned forward and stared into my eyes. ‘Your name is Michael.’ I gasped.  ‘And you’re forty seven.’ My mouth dropped open. It was her turn to nod. ‘May I take your hand?’
    She spread my palm, traced the lines with a crimson finger nail. ‘You are classic Libra. Kind, gentle, a lover of beauty, harmony and peace. You’re co-operative, diplomatic, gracious, you like the outdoors and dislike violence. Liking harmony, you find it difficult to say “no.” You’re romantic and loyal. ’
    ‘All that is correct,’ I said. ‘Are those typical traits of someone born on the thirteenth?’ 
    ‘Pretty much so, why?’
    ‘Because I share a birthday with Margaret Thatcher.’
    Her lips tightened. ‘I cannot be right all the time. Ten pounds please,’ she directed, showing me her palm.

About the author 

Roger Noons is a regular contributor to Cafe Lit.

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