Saturday 16 June 2018


by Roger Noons

a tot of rum

Seven minutes after leaving the car park, we had completed our review of the food and wine at Something Fishy; exhausted the comments about our fellow diners. I switched on the radio.

‘… ocean blue
and our saucy ship’s a beauty.
We’re sober men and true
and attentive to our duty.’

    After turning down the volume, I said. ‘This takes me back, Greg.’
    ‘It was during that week’s performance of Pinafore that I discovered you.’ When there was no response, I continued. ‘We were so engrossed in each other, taking every opportunity back stage. I missed my cue twice on the Friday night, Prompt had to call me. Maurice was furious.’
    ‘Always took his productions seriously.’
    ‘Those bloody costumes, it was a devil’s own job to get my hand inside your trousers.’
    ‘I wasn’t in HMS Pinafore, Simon.’

Another piece from Roger, one of our regulars.

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