Friday 22 June 2018


by Susan  A Eames 

Bucks Fizz

Hannah was bored. Why had she allowed Gavin to persuade her to attend this event? She knew nothing about modern art and felt positively cross-eyed from the strain of listening to the artist pontificate about the alchemy of his Pieces. She downed her champagne and wandered away from the group of sycophants surrounding the bore. She’d had enough of pretending she gave a rat’s arse about his work.
‘Isn’t he marvellous?’ said Gavin handing her more champagne.
‘He’s an egotist.’
‘With good reason, Hannah. He’s sold over half the Pieces in this exhibition.’
‘Well, that’s nice for him. But I don’t understand modern art and he’s said nothing to enlighten me.’
‘Your approach is wrong. You must embrace the alchemy.’
‘Alchemy, schmalchemy.’ She gulped her champagne.
‘Stop pretending to be a Philistine.’
‘Oh, please. What does that even mean?’
‘Well. Um. He’s talking about the magic within his work. When you embrace a Piece, it changes before your eyes: transmutes, transforms.’
‘Yeah, right.’ Hannah finished her fourth glass of champagne.
Across the room a beautiful man smiled at her.
Hannah perked up. ‘Now that’s an alchemy I want to embrace.’
Champagne-brave, she was off, Gavin forgotten.

About the author

Susan A. Eames left England over twenty five years ago to explore the world and dive its oceans. She has had travel articles and short fiction published on three continents. After several fascinating years living in Fiji she is busy exploring Ireland.

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