Monday 4 June 2018

A Summer Outing

                                                     By Linda Hutchinson  


“Yes, it’s a film. Haven’t you heard of it?”
I hadn’t and I had no intention of admitting this to Suzy. We had been good friends at school but recently she had developed the habit of making me feel small and foolish.
 I jumped up.” Come on.” I said. “Let’s go. We want our swim before the sun goes down.”
  Suz rose slowly to her feet. As she turned I noticed grass stains on her white shorts. “I’ll tell her later.” I thought. “No point in spoiling her day.”
 We made our way to the cliff edge and began the long descent to the pool. The azure blue water sparkled in the sunlight. The effect was hypnotic and enticing. The water looked cool and deep. Our path was lined with tall, purple flowering plants. The majestic bell-shaped appendages hung from the slenderest of stems.
 The downward trek became ever more difficult requiring the sure footedness of a goat. The view was lost from sight and then unexpectedly it greeted us in all its splendour. The vista resembled nothing less than a painting sprung fresh from the artist’s brush.
  This was the final day of our holiday and I knew the memory of this place would last forever.

About the author:

Avid reader turned writer. This may sound clichéd but it is true. I joined a creative writing class for a bit of fun and emerged a fledgling scribbler. Thank you Alyson Faye."
This is only my second piece to be published on line- the first being a piece sent in for Christopher Fielden's Adverb Flash Challenge Volume 4 -

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