Friday 14 October 2016

100 Worder Pumpkin soup with a dash of magic

Pumpkin soup with a dash of magic

Helen Laycock

Pumpkin soup 



 Shelley hated basement living.

By five, the light had faded. She stood at the window and craned up to street level. Lit pumpkins swung next to little feet while she was cooped in her musty flat browsing lonely hearts ads and stirring soup.
The gloom seemed to drop heavily and squat on the cobbles. A clump of moss needed clearing from the damp steps. She slipped out, hugging her cardigan closed.

A toad! 

Shelley squealed.

No sooner had she run inside and slammed the door than there was a knock.

‘Harry Prince,’ said the handsome stranger. ‘Just moved in upstairs.’

About the author

A regular contributor to CafeLit, Helen Laycock writes for both adults and children. She has published three short story collections as well as several mystery/adventure books for readers of 8-12. She has had work published in a further ten anthologies, as well as online, and has had success in writing competitions with poetry, flash, short stories and plays.

Further details of her writing can be found on each of her websites:

Helen Laycock | Fiction in a Flash

Helen Laycock | Children’s Author

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