Monday 3 October 2016

100 Worder: Inside Looking Out

100 Worder: Inside Looking Out

Michael Hennessy

A bucket load of water with a dash of vinegar

It had started with a ladder, bucket and a squeegee.
                All his life Lenny had been on the outside looking in at the rich through their gracious windows.
    Now, his window cleaning business had given him an even bigger house than those of his well-heeled clientele.
            He was finally on the inside looking out, just like them.
            But, unlike them, he had failed to share his hard-earned wealth with the taxman.
            Instead of admiring his sun-dappled swimming pool, he was gazing at the dismal exercise yard below and high perimeter wall beyond.
            How he wished he had his ladder now.

About the Author
Michael had a successful career as an award-winning, advertising copywriter. Now he spends his time writing short stories, novels for adults and children, scripts for stage and TV, screenplays and the occasional poem. He is widely travelled and his article about beach dogs in Thailand won The Telegraph Travel "Just Back" competition. He has been shortlisted, winner and runner-up in many writing competitions and is currently looking for an agent/publisher/producer. His website is currently under construction.

Published October 03 2016

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